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Best Steam Winter Sale offers 2018-2019

The best time for home gatherings, for having fun with friends, for hot cocoa and good mood is, of course, the winter holidays. Steam does not stand aside and starts the winter sale annually. Gamers have two weeks to buy discounted games, keep up with the hottest new items and discover new favorite titles.

Black Tower team are the real fans of role-playing games. Therefore, we offer you to get acquainted with our selection of the best Steam offers.
1. Assassins Creed: Odyssey

Last year's Assassins Creed: Origins turned out to be an ambiguous, but quite successful experiment. It was praised by both critics and players. This time the Ubisoft team decided to take another bold step. In the game based on historical events, a dialogue system appeared, without any "wheels", but not as extensive as in "real" RPGs. We would even say that Odyssey is looking like a role-playing game more than any other modern genre example. Here we have a gigantic open world, character progression, ancient Greece setting, rare for this kind of genre type, where you can chat with Hippocrates over a cup of wine. And most importantly - a huge amount of content. Exactly what you need during holidays.
2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Tired of classic fantasy RPGs? Want to feel like an ordinary average resident of a medieval village, endowed with big ambitions? In this case, Kingdom Come is already in your library, and if you somehow missed it, it's time to purchase it at a reduced price.

To make winter nights shorter:

— Combat system atypical for RPG's.
— Skills are progressing along with your actions: the more often you get blows from enemies, the better you can hold against them in the future.
— The storyline in which an ordinary boy from the village is making great strides.

This year, Steam is generous with the Souls game series: a discount of more than 70% on Dark Souls 3 will help new players plunge into the world of the series or remind of the game to those who missed the third part. After the successful Bloodbourne release, some improvements have come to the Souls series. The fights have become much more visually spectacular, and the gameplay is dynamic and exciting. New technologies have made it possible to implement the game designers' most crazy ideas to the fullest extent. If you are one hell of a fan of tickling your nerves and breaking a pair of controllers, take your friends along and test your skills in action.
4. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

The winter sale has not spared the fans of the cult Witcher series. If you are tired of saving Ciri and have already rebuilt your villa in Tussent, pay attention to Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

This story is not about Geralt, but the return of old friends will give a sense of nostalgia. Fighting in the form of Gwent does not make the gameplay repulsive, because you are the commander in chief, and the management of an army through cards is implemented perfectly.
5. Borderlands 2

In our opinion, the second part is the best part of the Borderlands series. Exciting action, solid humor, hundreds of weapons, character progression and main plot, lasting for several dozen hours — all this is a crazy cocktail that will help you get lost for quite a long time. Playing with friends is recommended, the whole game can be played in coop mode, which will add an unforgettable experience to your playthrough.

The project progressed from early access to a full release just a few days ago, so it did not fall under the winter event. However, ATOM RPG project itself is very "tasty". "The very Russian Fallout", which we have been waiting for 20 years, but in a new post-nuclear Soviet packaging. Adventures in the wastelands, lots of quests, isometric design and turn-based battles - everything is in place. Genre connoisseurs are not recommended to pass by.
7. Divinity: Original Sin 2

By far the best modern classic role-playing game Divinity OS2 received a discount on these holidays. Take three friends along and spend warm cozy evenings playing together. The unlimited freedom of action will allow you to create adventure stories yourself. If you have not had time to get acquainted with the best role-playing game of our time, it's time to get things right.

When there is blizzard outside the window, and the streets are covered with snow, one wants to get to the tropical islands. This is what MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD can offer you. These are not just islands; legendary monsters, dinosaurs and reptiles live here. Each new enemy must be tracked down, its weaknesses uncovered, and the beast itself caught and killed. Each "boss" has its own tactics and features. And the main advantage of this tropical adventure is that you can take your friends along!