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First hotfix for Against The Moon: Prologue, Sin Slayers massive update on Nintendo Switch and release date for Against The Moon
It's been a week since the release of Against The Moon: Prologue on Steam and GOG.

During this time developers released a hotfix, fixing the most critical bugs in the game.

If you see any more errors or bugs, be sure to write about them in the Steam community hub. Developers are reading everything and trying to fix any bug as soon as possible

Against The Moon: Prologue on Steam:
Very soon, Sin Slayers players on Nintendo Switch will receive a new difficulty mode, improved gamepad controls and Japanese localization!

Sin Slayers world was never friendly to players. Heroes were in for a fight against hordes of monsters, dozens of traps and ruthless Sin Lords, which only the most prepared travelers can hope to defeat. But even in these conditions there were the chosen ones who could easily deal with any threat.

For the bravest adventurers, the Cup of Hell's Torment materialized in the Church. As soon as its flame lit up, powers of all monsters will increase tenfold! But remember, you won't be able to extinguish until the whole squad is dead.

Players from Japan will be pleased to know that the journey in the Valley of Fallen Sinners is now localized into their native language! We look forward to reading about your exploits in the Valley.

In addition to that, the update also fixes some annoying bugs, for example - the incorrect display of the arena interface.
Against The Moon is moving into the final stage of development. Code Heretic is finishing the project, adding last monsters, heroes and spells.

It means that the release is near and we are finally ready to name the exact date — September 24!

Be sure to add Against The Moon to your wishlists so you don't miss such an important date!

Against The Moon on Steam: