Black Tower
Encased Content Update Release, Sin Slayers Winter event and Steam Winter Sale
Since the release of Encased, team was constantly releasing bugfixes and improving the game overall. In parallel with this work, the studio was working hard on the first content and story update.

Now first Encased expansion is out, but it contains only a part of the story. During 2020 you can expect a lot more story updates and the full-fledged release.

Encased Steam Store page:
Goonswarm team preparing a winter holiday event for you! The Valley will be filled with illuminations, gifts, sweets and a great mood. More details will be shared a bit later. Right now you can stay tuned for more news on Sin Slayers Steam store page.

Sin Slayers on Steam:
Yesterday began the last big Steam sale this year: Winter Sale 2019. Dark Crystal Games and goonswarm are also coming together under the Steam flag to delight players with discounts. During the whole sale, you will be able to buy Encased at a 20% discount and Sin Slayers at a 40% discount!