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Encased Creature Design, Hazardous Space Soundtrack and Encased Dev Update
Today Encased team have prepared for you a fascinating video about the creation of a new monster for the game. These ever hungry desert creatures, hunt both people and animals for food. Strong poison gradually deprives the victim of strength and ability to move, then its dragged home and eaten alive.
Hazardous Space team published a whole soundtrack for everybody to listen. Immerse yourself in the eerie and dangerous atmosphere of the Wanderer space station. Thousand of corrupted androids and block your way to the rest of the team. Blast them away and escape from this mess in style!
In the yet another Encased development update, the team will tell you more about the game narrative and how it is presented to the player. Learn how quests and story of post-apocalyptic world are created. Have any questions left? Ask them in comment section on any platform. Developers will gladly answer them all.