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Sin Slayers Switch Release, New Black Tower Project and Cancelled E3
On March 26th, Sin Slayers will be released on Nintendo Switch. In just two weeks, owners of the most powerful handheld console will be heading to the Valley of Fallen Sinners. Switch version will be called Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition. This is an expanded version of the game. It includes all add-ons, new locations, enemies, heroes, items, storyline and lots of additional quests.

Store page:
Against the Moon joins the Black Tower family. The game is a tactical roguelike deck-builder with endless ways to customize your strategy. Upgrade champions, scavenge for supplies, and defy the Moon itself.

Strange beasts have taken over the land, and the survivors are hiding in an ancient fortress. They are safe for now, but the walls of the fortress are slowly being destroyed and the fuel supply is running out. Last of mankind's resources were spent to create superhumans strong enough to resist the forces of evil. Their name is Ultory. They are the last hope.

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In one of the previous digests we told that we'll not visit GDC 2020, and now the main game conference of the year E3 2020 has been cancelled. Coronavirus strikes a strong blow to the gaming industry, but we are confident that the passion for developing great games and modern technologies will help us all to withstand the virus threat.