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Sin Slayers Pre-Orders on Nintendo Switch, Coronavirus under the Dome and Sin Slayers Twitter Giveaway
Sin Slayers is releasing on Nintendo Switch on March 26! Enhanced Edition is a special version of the game that contains all game updates, including "Snow Peak", new heroes, weapons, monsters, quests and locations.

Visit the Valley of Fallen Sinners. Assemble a team of heroes, arm them and teach them unique magical abilities. This is the only way to defeat seven deadly sins and return home! The Valley needs you, heroes!

On March 19 Pre-orders went live. Worldwide demon hunt is starting now!

Store page:
Dark Crystal Games team fights the coronavirus under the Dome. The office may be empty, but the work continues in a comfortable home environment.

Every morning starts with a daily meeting and a daily task planning. In the broadcast mode, the team discusses new changes and updates. The only thing the team longs for is live communication and an office coffee machine, that nobody has used for almost a week.

Virus epidemic won't stop work on Encased and next content patch even for a day.
Sin Slayers developers launched a giveaway campaign where anyone can win a Sin Slayers key for Nintendo Switch!

You can read the terms and conditions by following the link:

The developers have 15 keys in total, and they will stop giveaway on March 26. Better hurry up!