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SteamLikes — service, that shows recommendations on Steam.

One of the main mysteries of Steam is the game recommendation system. Probably nobody, aside from Gabe Newell, knows how it recommends your game on other games pages. What it goes by and what data does it use to advertise products. It's more than likely that looks at tags, number of copies sold, wishlists and hundreds of other factors. Or maybe its far easier than that. We can't get inside Steam, but we can do something else.

To ease life for ourselves and other indie game developers, who don't have millions of dollars for marketing research, Black Tower together with Pavel Shestakov (Sin Slayers developer) have created, an easy service, that will show which game recommends yours. It will help you to understand if Steam gets your game right or there is something to change.
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For example, Steam may think that your shooter is a date sim and recommends it on a date sim store pages. If that's the case we suggest you to immediately change tags, description, check reviews and hub activity.

It's even more difficult for games, that haven't been released yet. Players themselves may wonder what your game really is about. In that case it'll be good to think about posting new screenshots, adding more accurate tags and changing your short description.

You can also use SteamLikes to find similar games, track competitor recommendations, future releases and analyze the market.

We welcome everyone. Service is 100% free. Please share with us your feedback, impressions and new ideas on how to make gamedev lives a little bit easier.