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Steam Soundtracks, Encased development updates and free wallpapers from the Hazardous Space team
Valve has recently updated Steam and added many new features. One of these features is a separate product category for Soundtracks. Now they are not just DLCs. Each song can be conveniently listened in the Steam player.

Undoubtedly, it is a huge gesture towards our wonderful artists, who compose tracks day and night, creating the atmosphere for your adventures. So let's support Steam in this great endeavor!
This year the Encased world will see massive changes, because of that developers are reviving the Development update format. In the new update you'll find out how the first big patch was released and what will appear in the game for the full release.
Hazardous Space team has a gift for all fans of the Hazardous Space universe! You can now grab your own stylized desktop wallpaper. The set includes not only wallpapers for your PC, but for your smartphone too.