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Steam Soundtracks Sale and DevGAMM Moscow 2020
Soundtrack sale is coming to an end today. We remind you that you have only a couple of hours to buy discounted Encased, Hazardous Space or Sin Slayers soundtracks. Journey through a lifeless wasteland, cut off from the outside world by an impassable Dome; visit the Valley of Fallen Sinners and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of a fairytale world, both bright and really lonely; fight in an eerie and dangerous atmosphere of the Wanderer space station.

Encased soundtrack:
Sin Slayers soundtrack:
Hazardous Space soundtrack:
This year Black Tower family will visit yet another DevGAMM. This time it DevGAMM Moscow 2020. We'll bring latest build of all our games, including Encased. You'll be able to visit yet undiscovered by any other player parts of the Dome and test new perks, skills, weapons and artifacts.

We'll tell you more information about our DevGAMM 2020 visit a bit later, so you could easily meet us there.