Black Tower
Snow Peak, DevGAMM Awards and Mysterious Teaser from Encased Team
Snow Peak, free Sin Slayers DLC, comes out on November 18. This is the first time that the game had such a massive content patch. Players will have to go through the portal to the land of eternal cold and defeat the Ice Queen. In a few days, new enemies, weapons, armor, artifacts and heroes will be waiting for everyone in the Valley of Fallen Sinners.

One of the new heroes is shown on the updated image of the game. Fearless warrior fights with two axes and drinks wine mid-battle, because otherwise you'll not survive in the frozen lands.

Developers didn't show the second hero, players will have to find him on their own. Well, do you have enough warm clothes? Winter is coming!

Sin Slayers on Steam:
DevGAMM is the largest conference for game developers in the CIS. Encased is lucky to be nominated for several awards at once:

Grand prize — best game of the exhibition in the opinion of the jury.Narrative — nomination where project writers fight each other in the battle of minds. The best scenario will win.Best desktop game — this award goes to the best PC game in the exhibition. Our guys will have a lot of competitors this time, so let's wish them luck.

Dark Crystal Games will be there from beginning to end, and on November 22nd Encased will even get its own showcase stand. Everyone will be able to play the latest version of the game and talk to the developers in person. They will be happy to answer all your questions, even the most tricky ones. Be sure to come by!

You can learn more about DevGAMM here:
Encased team shared a mysterious image. What can it mean? So far, players can only guess.

Want to join them? Then head to Encased store page on Steam: