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End of the Halloween Events of Against The Moon and Sin Slayers and our search for new games to publish
Halloween events came to an end for Against The Moon and Sin Slayers. Teams sincerely hope that last weeks were filled with pleasant surprises for you in our games, and in life beyond PC monitors.

But we don't intend to stop on these events and will soon please you with fresh news about many of our projects. You won't get bored, we guarantee it.
Are you creating an interesting game or have talented developers-friends? Share your work with us! Black Tower is looking for promising new projects.

We take upon ourselves: copyright protection, accounting and legal formalities. We invest in development, marketing and staff salaries. We translate, adapt to any language. We port to popular platforms. We help your team to grow, develop and quickly find the right specialists.

In short, we will solve any of your problems!

And most importantly, it will take us no more than 48 hours to review your game. Contact us now through the form on the website: