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Against The Moon Demo and the Middle of Steam Summer Sale
Code Heretic team together with Black Tower are preparing a new Against The Moon demo. A separate Steam page will be created for it. The game itself will include a prologue and a lot of gameplay changes.

Even if you've already played through Against The Moon on Steam Game Fest, this is a great opportunity to try out an updated version and then buy the full one.

If you still have questions about the game after Steam Game Fest, be sure to ask the developers in person on their Discord Server:
The Steam summer sale is in full swing! Right now is a good time to get games from us at nice discounts.

For example, right now you can go under the Dome, the mysterious building of a long lost civilization. Why was it built, what are the wastelands hiding and why are there so many anomalies and terrible monsters around? Answers to all these questions await you in Encased.

Encased is 20% off right now on Steam: problems of the earth are of little concern to you, and you would rather go to save the Valley of Fallen Sinners from the clutches of Seven Deadly Sins? Well, Sin Slayers, the dark fantasy RPG was created especially for you.

Dangerous demons and lost souls are waiting for you behind every step, and the only friendly place is an old church that is about to fall apart.

Gather the team of brave heroes, equip them with powerful artifacts and battle the forces of evil!

Sin Slayers is 50% off right now on Steam:

Dreaming of conquering distant galaxies? We've got something for players like you. Take on the role of Max Carnage, former space trooper, now courier.

It was supposed to be an ordinary delivery, but something went wrong and the whole space station turned into terrible mutants. You have to break through hordes of enemies, rescue your team and get away from this hell.

Hazardous Space is 80% off right now on Steam: