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History Behind Russian Fallout and Steam Page of Against The Moon Demo
In the new development update, Encased team investigates the Russian Fallout phenomenon, its first representatives and heirs.

How did the term "Russian Fallout" come into being and why in the post-Soviet space the idea of creating a spiritual heir to one of the best post-apocalyptic worlds is so strong?

Learn that and a lot more in today's video!
Against The Moon demo got it's own Steam page!

Against The Moon: Prologue is a free demo version of Against the Moon. In it, you can play through the first story chapter. Prologue will introduce you to the main characters and mechanics of the game, as well as tell an independent story about the start of confrontation between mankind and unknown creatures, that swarmed the Earth.

Having lost control of the planet to weird beasts of their own creation, humanity's last survivors took refuge in an ancient citadel. Now the superhuman Ultori represent mankind's last hope. Lead a squad of powerful Ultori to defeat the Furos, the nightmare creatures of the Moon, and restore humanity as the rightful rulers of Earth.
Craft your own deck, upgrade your cards and level up your characters to combat bizarre and dangerous opponents. Crush enemy bosses, build your forces and gather the resources you need to challenge the Moon itself!

Against The Moon: Prologue on Steam: