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Third Encased content patch, small Sin Slayers hotfixes and Against The Moon on Indie Cup 2020
Stealth and non-lethal weapons, updated locations, additional side-quests, tons of new weapons and equipment, additional animations and effects and a lot more is waiting for you in the new content expansion for Encased.Redesigned role-playing system, new abilities and skills, rebalanced battle mechanics,

Third content patch is the last update for the early access of Encased, but this is not the end. Right now the Dark Crystal Games team is coming to the finish line, beyond which is the full Encased release. In the third patch you will encounter new side-quests, but the main plot will remain a mystery until the release version. So get ready, adventurers. More Dome puzzles, wasteland adventures and battles with crazy enemies are waiting for you.

Buy Encased right now with 20% discount on Steam:
Developers have updated Sin Slayers to version This patch fixes bugs with activation of various in-game debuffs and also fixes small performance issues.

Sin Slayers on Steam:
Against The Moon is going to participate in the Indie Cup 2020!

Indie Cup is the largest independent games developer competition in Eastern Europe. In the last four years we have received more than nine hundreds submissions from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. 60 teams became winners in different Indie Cup categories.

Learn more about the competition here: