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Second Encased Content Patch Release, Against the Moon Story Trailer and Encased Speedpaint Video
Dark Crystal Games released the second Encased content patch! Day and night cycle, redesigned locations with new characters, unique quests and a lot more will capture you for many hours.

Aside from that team also redesigned the combat system, reworked balance and added new weapons. Advanced dialog options, an enhanced skill system and new random encounters will make each playthrough unlike the other.

Full list of changes can be found here:
Against the Moon team published a story trailer for the game. It is narrated by Arx, a living city with the mind of a caring mother. Find out how mankind ended up on the verge of extinction, who our enemies are and what's behind all this.

Against the Moon tells the story of people who have lost control over the planet. The last survivors took refuge in an ancient citadel. Now superhumans called Ultori are mankind's last hope.
Many players praise Encased art daily in comment sections. Developers decided to delight players and published a video about the creation of the second content patch art. In just a few minutes witness how a blank sheet transforms into a beautiful drawing with four main characters of the game.

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