Black Tower
Sin Slayers on Switch, Encased soundtrack and Xbox release plans
The development of Sin Slayers on Switch is almost over. Soon you'll be able to go on an adventure through the Valley of Fallen Sinners from anywhere in the world.

Explore the Valley, find weapons in battles and quests, collect ingredients for potions and elements for armor and amulets. The best equipment is key to defeating the forces of darkness.
Dark Crystal Games offer you to go on a long and atmospheric journey through a lifeless wasteland, cut off from the outside world by an impassable Dome.

You won't be lonesome on this trip though, 12 Encased music tracks will accompany you wherever you go. They include not only music from the game, but also the Encased Kickstarter Orchestral track and its jazz version.
Sin Slayers will soon launch not only on Switch, but also on Xbox One. The developers have tried their best to make the console controls as responsive as possible and to not cause even the slightest discomfort. On the screenshot above you can see a test build of the game, but keep in mind that the layout of the buttons may change completely.