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The anniversary of the Encased Kickstarter campaign and the upcoming Halloween!
Today Encased developers are celebrating an important date. Exactly two years ago they, together with 2,938 backers, raised funds on Kickstarter for further development of the game.

The team was worried until the last moment whether they would be able to interest the players with an idea that they themselves had in their hearts for years. Fortunately, it all went well and from the very first minutes the campaign attracted the attention of many game journalists, forums and just players from different platforms.

The team celebrated every new backer, article and, of course, post in social networks. Thanks to this support, that month will be remembered by the team for many years to come.

At the end of the campaign, the team received €105,745 for the project. It is thanks to this and following support of the players that the development of Encased doesn't stop to this day.

Dark Crystal Games wants to thank everyone who supported the project one way or another and hopes to see all of you under the Dome.
We're already in the middle of October, which means that Halloween is very close. Our teams are preparing pleasant surprises for players and will soon tell about them on their social networks.

At the end of the month we will collect all such announcements and tell you about them in a separate issue of the digest, so that all relevant information will be collected for you in one place. The wait is almost over, heroes of many worlds!