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Encased bugfix, Sin Slayers Winter event and 2019 wrap-up
Last Encased bugfix this year is on the horizon. 2019 was full of events not only for us, but for the whole Encased community. This year we showed players the first alpha, went from one floor of Magellan to a new prologue and dozens of random encounters. Players were finally able to get to know the world of the game after the Incident, hire companions and use psi abilities. We received a lot of feedback, bug reports and, of course, warm words of support from our players.

It was a good year, but it's over and team is moving on. In the new 2020 you'll see massive content-patches, improvements in gameplay and graphics, and, of course, the full Encased release.

Thank you for being with Dark Crystal Games all this time. Happy New Year!

Encased Steam Store page:
New Sin Slayers winter event "Christmas happiness" is live right now! The Valley is filled with garlands, gifts and merry mood. Don't be a stranger, go on an adventure and get "Holiday Candies" for every victorious fight. Demons of the Valley will gladly share them.

Candies are the new currency of the Goblin Merchant, which will give you access to his special holiday stock, namely Christmas costumes. You can wear them everywhere: in battle, in adventure, in the Tower of Trials, etc. Most importantly, the skins you've earned for your characters will stay with you forever!

Sin Slayers on Steam:
Today, when the heroes are dressed up in festive costumes and the whole world is preparing to move into a new decade, we put aside swords and guns to sum up the most important year for us.

2019 was the most important year for our projects. We fought for the attention of the audience on Kickstarter, got a lot of community support, released Sin Slayers demo and a full game a couple of months later, released Encased in Early Access and even published a few updates and DLCs.

It wouldn't be possible without you, our players! Your feedback, support and enthusiasm pushes our team forward even now.Thank you for being with us this year and definitely stay tuned for more updates in the 2020. Happy New Year!