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Release of Sin Slayers on Xbox One, first hotfixes of the second Encased content patch and a word from the developers of Against the Moon
On May 8th Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition will be released on Xbox One!

In addition to "Snow Peak", a special version for the console will include a new "HELL" difficulty. You can activate it right at the start of the game. Just light a flame in the chalice in the middle of the Church table.

Your squad will have to survive in the Valley with the highest level of sin, and fight the strongest monsters with additional strengthening spells.

Too hard? The only way to switch back is for your whole team to die. Think hard about whether it's worth it.

Game page on microsoft store:
Recently Dark Crystal Games released the second big Encased content patch, which added a lot of new dialogues, quests, locations, weapons, enemies, significantly improved graphics and fixed the balance.

Together with the update the game received some bugs, which the team is trying to quickly fix. The first hotfixes are already here, the next ones are soon to come.

You can read about them here:Hotfix 1:

Hotfix 2:
A few months after the last update on Steam, Against the Moon team is sharing great news as well as their future development plans for the game.

Find out how the game has changed in a couple of months, how much more needs to be done and how Black Tower helps the development team.

Read all about it here: