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Encased hotfixes and Sin Slayers Hodor localisation
The Encased team continues to release small hotfixes after the release of the third content patch. They fix small texts errors, localization, perks and many other issues.

Even though another big content patch is not planned, the team will continue to release small hotfixes, fix all sorts of bugs and just prepare the game for release at the end of the year.

Two year long journey is coming to an end. Dark Crystal Games thanks everyone who supported them in all stages of development. Let's do our best for the next journey to be even better!

Encased on Steam:
Heroes, the Valley of Fallen Sinners is in new trouble — Hodor. This word is now the only thing that can be spoken by all the inhabitants of the world, from slugs to sinlords!

What was the reason for such a great change in the vocabulary? It's all thanks to Steam Workshop and user modifications!

Our players looked through the whole text of the game, found all the texts of the heroes and replaced them with Hodor, so that each wanderer of the Valley of Fallen Sinners could add a little atmosphere of the Game of Thrones into their playthrough.

Sin Slayers Hodor localisation on Steam: