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Halloween weekend!
The developers of Against The Moon started the first seasonal event of the game — the Ancestors Festival!

Players will need to capture special furos — Kukurbo. They appear on the Earth for 72 hours and have a unique power to return the souls of dead people to the mortal land. Even if it is only for one night.

Overcome them in new, and most importantly — complex puzzles! There are only nine cards in the deck, dozens of options and only one way to win. Will you bring the remains of delicious pumpkins to the city or bend under their pressure?
Encased team also wants to congratulate players with one of the main nights of this year and share the wonderful desktop wallpapers.

Dark Crystal Games wishes you all the best in this difficult time. Stay under the dome of your own home today and save the health of your family. Happy holidays!
Sin Slayers' Halloween madness returns along with outfits for your heroes!

Visit the Valley of Fallen Sinners and look for sweets that you can exchange with a goblin merchant for unique items and skins.

Please note that new items can be used anywhere and anytime, even after the event ends. But we recommend you to hurry, because the outfits still need to be unlocked, and the time for this is limited!