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Global Game Jam will be held in Saint-Petersburg

January 26-27 game developers from Saint-Petersburg will participate in an international Global Game Jam. Within 2 full days participants will create multiple video games. Visitors will be able to watch process game development, talk with developers and learn how to make first steps in the video game industry.

Saint-Petersburg Global Game Jam will be held in Ziferblat free space, located in creative cluster «Dom Kultury». Participants will be provided with workplaces, electricity and Wi-Fi connection. It will be held with full support from Black Tower and Ludum Dare SPb.

GGJ is held annually since 2009. It's like «Hackathon», but with more focus on game development. Teams from over 108 countries will be participating. Developers split into teams and complete projects in a limited time. At the end, all teams upload their creations on international site. Teams work on projects day and night for two days with little to no rest. In the end winners are selected. All games will be distributed freely.

Game jam kicks off at 11 AM in Ziferblat, creative cluster «Dom Kultury», Stachek avenue, house 72.


Number on participants is limited, please register beforehand:
Non-participant visitors don't need to register.

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