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Final Vote Results for Encased Unique Item, Steam Game Fest Wrap-up and Start of the Steam Summer Sale
It's time to sum up the final results of the whole series of votes for the unique object created by Kickstarter backers!

We remind that Encased Kickstarter Community, was creating a unique Encased item that will help them in adventures and save life under the Dome more than once! They had to choose between the type of item, its attributes, description, name and even appearance. Results of their votes are on the picture above!

Kickstarter news:
Steam Game Festival has ended. In a short week Against The Moon team managed to hold a Q&A session and stream with developers, where anyone could ask questions and see the new gameplay.

Developers heard that you liked the demo very much and are going to return it to Steam in the near future. In the meantime, you can add the main game to your wishlists.

Against The Moon on Steam:
Yesterday began the Steam summer sale. Like many of you, we've been looking forward to it too.

Encased, Hazardous Space and Sin Slayers are also participating in the sale. It's time to empty our pockets and buy exciting games for the whole year!

Encased on Steam:

Sin Slayers on Steam:

Hazardous Space on Steam: