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Third Encased Backer Vote, Аgainst Тhe Мoon on Steam Game Fest and Black Tower Games are Expanding
Winner of the second vote for the unique item from the Kickstarter community is Relic №3! Now backers have a unique artifact, that'll save their lives from the most dangerous and sudden damage type in RPG — critical hit.

In the new vote, they'll have to choose a suitable name for such a useful artifact.

Like last time, results will be summarized next week. If you missed the previous vote, don't worry, you can start with the current one.

Kickstarter post:
Steam is launching the summer festival, an event that highlights the games that will be released next year. Against The Moon team is participating and presents the demo of their game.

Demo version will include the prologue of the game. It will tell you about the first adventure of the heroes and will have challenging tactical trials.

During the festival, the developers of the game from Code Heretic studio will arrange a special Q&A session, where they will be happy to talk to the players in person, answer questions and tell stories about the project development. In addition, everyone will be able to visit the virtual stand of the project to learn more about the upcoming game.

Against The Moon on Steam:
Black Tower partnered with Green Man Gaming and Fanatical stores on all projects.

Now players have two more ways to buy our games and go to distant space, under the Dome or to the world between worlds.

If your favourite shop still doesn't have our games, be sure to write to us about it. We'll try to make it right.

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