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Encased Development Update, Exciting Sin Slayers News and Steamlikes Birthday
The sixth development update is here and it's all about random encounters. Dark Crystal Games will tell you how they are created and what can players do to influence event outcomes. Aside from that you'll learn about easter eggs and unique rewards.

If you're an experienced RPG player, then you're already familiar with typical random encounters. During world map travel, you get ambushed by bandits or attacked by hungry wolves, or meet a merchant offering fantastic goods at reasonable prices! To this set of well known events they've added a few new ones. Watch the video to learn which ones exactly.

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Great news, slayers, Sin Slayers soundtrack by Peter Salnikov and Ruslan Eldoradovich can be listened on all popular streaming platforms!

This world is for the most contemptible cowards, those who died because of their sins and the darkness weighing down their souls. At one time, they lived as brave heroes across a multitude of worlds. Until the day darkness flooded their hearts and killed them.

Sin Slayers soundtrack will guide you through the Valley of Sinners and immerse you in the unique atmosphere of a fairytale world, both bright and really lonely.

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A year ago we created Steamlikes service, which collects data from the "More like this" tab on Steam to help developers optimize tags.

The service provides you with precise statistics on how many games recommend a particular project on the Steam site. Over the first year, the project has grown to include many features, including SteamSpy information integration, game rankings, and an updated design. But this is just the beginning. Team is already thinking about how to make life even easier for developers.

Happy birthday, Steamlikes!