Black Tower
Encased Development Update and Upcoming Release of the Second Content Patch
Encased team published the 7th development update. Be among first to know what awaits every player under the Dome. Soon every player will get a completely new adventure under the Dome. New companions, quests, locations, enemies, weapons and more are waiting for you in the second content patch! Don't forget to like and share with your friends!

If you prefer the text version, here are some of the most important changes in the upcoming patch:
Renewed locations under the Dome

Concord Station, Roadside Picnic and even Slums got new characters. They can't wait to chat with you, share exciting stories and give new side-quests. Redesigned locations will give players fresh opportunities to explore the world under the Dome.
New random encounters

In the last update, team told you they were working on new random encounters. Many of them are already done and included in the second patch. Get ready for updated, rebalanced combat, new NPC encounters with dramatic outcomes, and small locations with useful hidden items.
New monsters

Wastelands will be filled with new dangerous enemies. You won't just encounter rats and cockroaches in the desert, but also supersized mutants, cyber-hyenas and crazy, heavily armed raiders. Battles will be much more complex and varied. You have no idea what these new foes are capable of!
Day and night cycle

In the second patch Encased will have a real day and night cycle. The sun-blasted wastelands will now sink into darkness, and the first rays of a new day will penetrate the darkest corners of the world under the Dome. New weather effects will also add atmosphere to your adventures, day or night.

Patch will add a lot more, but we've decided to name these points. Any questions left after reading? Ask them in comment sections on our social networks. We see everything and answer even the most tricky questions.