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DevGAMM Victory, Steam Autumn Sale and Steam Awards
Best desktop game and $3,500 went to Encased team at DevGAMM Minsk 2019! It was especially nice to get this award from the hands of Larian, masters of RPG genre and storytelling.

Of course, nobody knew in advance who would give the prizes, so the guys were pleasantly surprised. Now it's up to Dark Crystal Games to release the first content patch and show everyone that the award was well deserved.

By the way, the first content update is releasing very soon, in the middle of December.
On November 26th the autumn Steam sale started. Thousands of projects from all over the world are sold at huge discounts. Dark Crystal Games decided to participate in it too and cut 20% off Encased price!

Taking into account soon release of the first content patch, the offer is very tempting.

Encased on Steam:
The annual Steam Awards is back to once again ask players to vote for their favorite projects!

Our games are also participating and we would appreciate it if you could vote for them in any nomination.

Steam Awards: