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First Screenshots of the Sin Slayers Console Version, Encased Content Update and Translation Contest
Goonswarm team published screenshots of the console version of Sin Slayers. They are actively testing console versions at the moment to make your playthrough as enjoyable as possible. Xbox One and Switch owners, Valley of Fallen Sinners is just around the corner for you!

Keep in mind though, this is work in progress, the final version may, and probably will, differ.
Release of the next massive Encased content update is just around the corner. Tomorrow all players will be able to experience a completely reworked prologue and meet new friend along the way! Christmas came early for all RPG fans, get your copy today!

Encased steam page:
Sin Slayers translation contest is in full swing! Players from all around the world can make their own funny or serious translation of the game and get valuable Steam gift cards!

Guide on how to add your own localization can be found in Steam community hub: