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Against The Moon: Prologue release date and how we created a gaming bot for Encased community.
Against The Moon demo is releasing on Steam next week!On July 23 everyone will be able to visit the world of the distant future, that's on the verge of destruction. Help mankind to regain its former glory and destroy the monsters of the Moon!

Against The Moon: Prologue is a free demo version of Against the Moon. In it, you can play through the first story chapter. Prologue will introduce you to the main characters and mechanics of the game, as well as tell an independent story about the start of confrontation between mankind and unknown creatures, that swarmed the Earth.

Against The Moon: Prologue on Steam:
Since the start of Encased development, we have been actively maintaining accounts in all social networks. VK page alone already has over 9000 subscribers and continues to grow. The average weekly coverage at the moment is about 5,000 subscribers, but we want more.

The audience of the project is mature and does not react well to simple contests with reposts. That's why we wanted to create a more complex mechanics that refers to the world of the game itself and is unusual enough to interest our players.

We've created a battle pattern with a bunch of crazy raiders attacking our community. Subscribers must unite against a common enemy and deal damage with text commands. The number of attacks is unlimited, but action points are restored in about a minute.

You can check out results of our work in our VK community page.