Black Tower
Encased Content Patch, "Snow Peak" release and first DevGAMM news
Remember our encrypted teaser? Commentators were right this time. These numbers are disguised dates of the announcement and the release of the first major content update. Let's talk about it!

New prologue

The first version of the prologue had a number of drawbacks: a lot of text, little to no action and too much of "Magellan".

The new prologue looks quite different: a dynamic scene in the transport capsule descending under the Dome, a short run through the Concord station, then a familiar refueling and gloomy "Nashville".

Developers have improved prologue locations and corrected the logic of the main quest, making it more understandable.

Main quest

New storyline is, perhaps, what players wanted from the update the most. The team is determined to maintain the scale of the events, so in the December update players can expect a lot of storylines that lead to individual factions.


What good RPG did without faithful partners, able to support in need and to reproach, if necessary. In the December update you will befriend two companions, each with his own quest, skill branch and plans for the future.Read about this and much more in the full article here:

The rift in the Church has finally opened! Now you can go to distant frosty lands, and meet with two new heroes: Northerner and Blood Mage. Northern lands are captured by the Ice Queen. In the past she was a great sorceress, but now she became nothing more than a power-hungry villain. Bring her down and lift the curse from the lands of "Snow Peak"!

Please note that the DLC is free for all owners of the main game!Sin Slayers on Steam:
Combined forces of Dark Crystal Games, Black Tower and goonswarm successfully landed at DevGAMM Minsk 2019.

The day has just begun, but Dark Crystal Games have already managed to give a live interview on Disgusting Men stream.

However, this is just the beginning, the team will battle for 3 DevGAMM nominations: Grand prize, Narrative and Best desktop game. Will they return with money and fame or leave it all to somebody else? We will find out very soon.Learn more about DevGAMM here: