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This week with Black Tower
Hello, dear readers. Today we will tell you about the main news for this week.

Dark Crystal Games team celebrated the year since the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Developers remembered how the first demo version looked like, what changed during the Kickstarter campaign, and how the players influenced the project. You can also find it out by clicking on the link:
Sin Slayers celebrates All Saints' Eve with the first seasonal "Halloween Madness" event. Players will be able to take away the most valuable things from their opponents - pumpkins and exchange them for new character costumes. If you want to participate, we recommend you to hurry! Event is time-limited and you won't be able to get new costumes after its end.Sin Slayers on Steam:
Dark Crystal Games took part in the St. Petersburg meeting of game developers. We discussed pitfalls of game development in Russia and got acquainted with other teams.
Sin Slayers digital artbook was released on Steam. Now anyone can buy it and immerse themselves in the Valley of Fallen Sinners.Artbook Steam page:

That's all for today. Thank you for being with us.