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Encased bugfix, Sin Slayers Humble Store sale and Encased backer packs for GOG
Next Encased bugfix is on the horizon.

Here are some of the fixes and changes you can expect in the new hotfix:

  • Yoko: recruiting fixed. Now, to hire her, you must first convince Akira,
  • Fixed the behavior of Katarzyna Belitskaya when a player enters combat,
  • Fixed random encounters logic,
  • The functioning of the dialogue with the character Sebastian Van Alden in the office of the project "Emulator" is fixed,
  • The missing scenery was added to the barrens location, the terrane was repainted,
  • Fixed many out-of-reach objects on Concord station,
  • Fixed AP cost for many weapons and many AP related bugs,
  • Optimization.
These and many other changes are just around the corner.Encased Steam Store page:
Sin Slayers is currently on 40% sale on Humble Store.

Journey through stinking primeval forests, boneyards riddled with crypts and the graves of fallen warriors, and other places even the bravest adventurer would fear to tread.

Battles, traps, and bizarre enemies... Everything and everyone wishes to take your life.

Sin Slayers on Humble Store:
C.R.O.N.U.S. Foundation thanks all shareholders, especially those who joined the project at an early stage. Your support and faith have allowed C.R.O.N.U.S. to grow to its current size!

We have already researched more than 40% of the Dome's territory, found thousands of artifacts, anomalies, and relics, built dozens of research facilities, science bases, and laboratories. But this is just the beginning!

Check your emails today, if you backed for GOG version of the game. A special gift should be waiting for you there.