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Second stage of Encased backer vote, 20000 followers on Facebook and Dark Crystal Games Youtube channel
Dark Crystal Games summed up the first stage of the vote for the unique item! Victory was won by the relic! Congratulations to all who prefer to take mysterious artifacts and unthinkable technologies that give an advantage over an enemy.

What will be in the second stage? The type of the object has already been chosen, next come attributes and features!

Bakers will have to read three detailed descriptions of the relics and choose only one.

Kickstarter post:
The Dome has already united over 20,000 employees on Facebook! All of us, scientists, fighters, doctors, engineers, workers and pathfinders are united by a common desire - to solve the mysteries of the unknown civilization and give humanity a technological future!

Join us as well to solve all mysteries of the Dome, learn psy abilities and conquer the technology of the forgotten civilization! CRONUS is waiting for its heroes!

Encased on Facebook:
Dark Crystal Games Youtube channel has dozens of videos about game development, music, monster creation and painting processes. Do you want to learn something new for yourself and see the game development from the inside? Then be sure to subscribe to the developers' channel. You won't get bored, we assure you.